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Board Member Resources


The following links will be useful for new, as well as current, members and staff of the Montana Board of Housing. This webpage is a new paperless alternative for the large Reference Guide that has been used previously. If a Board member would like hardcopies in a binder, please contact staff.



Huber vs Groff

1976 description of the proposed programs of the Housing Board.  This is an original proceeding brought by Charles W. Huber, against the members of the Board of Housing seeking a declaratory judgment pursuant to Chapter 89, Title 93, Revised Codes of Montana 1947. Mr. Huber seeks to have the "Housing Act of 1975" declared unconstitutional.

Executive Order

Executive Order No. 2-87 Executive Order designating the Montana Board of Housing to Administer the Low Income Housing Tax Credit, 1987.


Montana Code Annotated

Montana Code Annotated 2.2.201 Public officers, employees, and former employees not to have interest in contracts.

Montana Code Annotated 2.3.101-2.3.114 Open Meetings

Montana Code Annotated 2.15.121 Allocation for administrative purposes only.

Montana Code Annotated 2.15.122 Creation of advisory councils.

Montana Code Annotated 2.15.123 Administratively created agencies -- prohibition.

Montana Code Annotated 2.15.124 Quasi-judicial boards.

Montana Code Annotated 2.15.155 State agency board, committee, commission, or advisory council member information to be published.

Montana Code Annotated 2.15.1814 Board of housing -- allocation -- composition -- quasi-judicial.

Montana Code Annotated 15.6.221 Exemption for rental housing providing affordable housing to lower-income tenants.

Montana Code Annotated 17.5.1301-17.5.1325 Montana Unified Volume Cap Bond Allocation Plan Act

Montana Code Annotated 80.12.216 Agricultural loan guaranty fund.

Montana Code Annotated 90.6.101-90.6.136 Financing of Housing

Montana Code Annotated 90.6.501-90.6.507 Reverse Annuity Mortgage Loan

Adminstrative Rules

Administrative Rules of Montana 8.111.101-8.111.603 Board of Housing

Administratvie Rules of Montana 8.1.101 Organizational Rule

Administrative Rules of Montana 8.2.101-8.2.401 Department Rules


Correspondent Lender Policy

Ex Parte Communication Policy

Information Request and Release Policy

Investment Policy

Legislative Communications Policy Handbook - Updated for the Bullock & Walsh Administration

Private Placement Policy for Unrated/Unenhanced Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds

Single Family Program Information

Montana BOH Mortgage Purchase and Servicing Guide

Multi Family Program Information

Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program

Multifamily Rental Permanent Loan Programs

Risk Share Program

Reverse Annuity Mortgage Program

General Obligation Program

Board Responsibilies

Montana Code Annotated 2.2.101-2.2.136 Code of Ethics

Standards of Conduct for State Employees

Summary of Legal Duties

NCSHA Fact Sheets and Policy Briefs

Overview of Housing Bonds - RBC Capital Markets, April 2014

Housing Bond Basics for Board Members - Kutak Rock, July 2007

Board Membership Training - Kutak Rock and Luxan & Murfitt, April 2014

Boardmanship Basics Kutak Rock, August 2009

Useful Links

National Council of State Housing Agencies