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Montana Housing Resource Directory


The Housing Resource Directory includes brief information about and contact information for some of the major housing programs available around the state, as well as information on housing rights, fair housing advocates, legal assistance, and other resources.

~WARNING~ Files may be large and slow to load.  Call 841-2820 for an alternative format.

Montana Housing Resource Directory - September 2011

Updated! Montana Housing Resource Directory Quick Reference Guide - September 2011 

Updated! Housing Rights, Fair Housing Advocates, Legal Assistance, and Other Resources - October 2009


The material included in the directory is not intended as legal advice or as a promotion or guarantee of the reliability or appropriateness of programs, businesses and individuals listed or linked herein. In certain instances, readers of this directory may want to consult with legal counsel. The Montana Department of Commerce assumes no liability for the content of information provided in the directory or the content of links listed in the directory.