Montana Emergency Rental Assistance (MERA) Program

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The MERA program is no longer accepting applications. This closure will allow the MERA program to process existing applications. The MERA program is working through already submitted applications as quickly as possible and tenants and landlords with submitted or in-progress applications are encouraged to monitor their emails for status updates.

The Montana Housing Division encourages current MERA recipients/applicants to make a plan for their future assistance needs as MERA will no longer be available once funds are fully expended. Alternate housing assistance programs are available at the bottom of this page. 

MERA assistance is not guaranteed and applications are being processed in the order submitted. Individuals experiencing an eminent risk for eviction can contact the Montana Legal Services Association.

How many Montana households has MERA helped? 

House with mother and child
Total Number of Montana Households Helped


father and child on front step
Households That Received Housing Stability Support*


eviction notice on door
Households Assisted With Eviction Notices**


Potential Fraud Prevented

$49 mm

Total Amount of Assistance Paid

$136.7 mm

Average Amount of Assistance Paid


Montana Total Rent Paid

$45.44 mm

Rental Arrears Paid

$48.53 mm

Total Utilities Paid

$3.27 mm

Utility Arrears Paid

$3.37 mm

Households may have more than one application in the system. Figures shown here are not static and continue to change. Date last updated 03/21/2023. 
*The Department of Public Health and Human Services partnered with the Department of Commerce to fund Housing Stability Supports through a subcontract with community partners.
**The Montana Legal Services Association partnered with the Department of Commerce to provide the Montana Eviction Intervention Program (MEIP).

Other Available Assistance

Montana Housing administers a variety of other, on-going federal rental assistance programs such as the Housing Choice Voucher (commonly known as Section 8) program. MERA recipients are encouraged to apply to the Housing Choice Voucher waitlist by visiting:
Interested applicants can select “APPLY NOW” to be added to the regional waitlist they prefer.

Additional options including applying for a Project Based Section 8 or Low-Income Housing Tax Credit affordable property. Details for these properties are available at:; and (select “Current list of Tax Credit Properties”).

A variety of additional resources for individuals, families and seniors are linked on our website at Search available housing listings at

Finally, Montana 211 can connect individuals with community resources, services and assistance, including identifying options for housing and shelter needs.


Montana Emergency Rental Assistance program publications are being supported, in whole or in part, by federal award numbers ERA0425 and ERAE0032 awarded to State of Montana by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.