Uniform Application


The Uniform Application is one application that can be used for many of the Montana Department of Commerce’s housing-related loan, grant and tax credit programs.

The Uniform Application, sometimes called the UNIAPP, and the forms provided below were developed by a working group including representatives from all participating programs to reduce time, effort and expense incurred when applying to multiple agencies for financial assistance.

Each program has a unique mission and individual program requirements along with different ranking priorities for funds. It is important for the applicant to contact each program to obtain the program-specific application guidelines and any program supplemental information or materials required.

The following programs have adopted the application materials contained in this packet:

Montana Department of Commerce: 

U.S. Department of Agriculture - Rural Development:

  • Housing Preservation Grants
  • Rural Rental Housing 515 Program
  • Farm Labor Housing 514 & 516 Program
  • Section 538-Guaranteed Rural Rental Housing Program
  • Community Facilities Loan and Grant Programs


Electronic Submission of Housing Applications

Montana Department of Commerce housing program staff highly recommend applicants submit applications electronically.

Tax Credit application submission click here

Submit Payment for the Tax Credit fees only

Contact us if you have questions navigating the application process. 


Fillable Uniform Application Form and Instructions

Use the instructions as you complete the Uniform Application Form for Montana Housing Projects. Unless otherwise specified, fill in all blanks (if the question is not applicable, type NA or use a zero in the appropriate space). Please note: this application form was developed using spreadsheet software and will automatically calculate totals, etc.

*** Save this UNIAPP Fillable Form to your computer before filling it with data.

Uniform Application

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